New Tastings

Hello! Welcome to my new blog, Cinnamon & Swirl! I am so glad you have stopped by. Being recently married has made everything, big and small,  seem like a new adventure. With this blog I hope to share with you my journey of new experiences and endeavors. I will share recipes, restaurants, places and events, diy projects, decor ideas, and much more. One of my newfound favorite hobbies is now cooking! As the blog develops, I hope to create a recipe box to share those new recipes I try. I am excited you are joining me as I “give new things a whirl”!

Taste of Addison EntranceOur newest adventure this weekend was experiencing “Taste of Addison.” I have always wanted to try one of these “Taste of’s”, and when I heard about the upcoming Addison event, we marked it on our calendar. We did some research and found out it was much cheaper to go during the day- so Saturday afternoon it was. We arrived at Addison Circle to find fair rides, booths of all kinds, and finally what we had been waiting for… all of the food booths! We had printed out the restaurant list and all of the menu offerings the night before to very carefully devise a plan. There were around 70 restaurants there to pick from so you can imagine how overwhelming that could be. The menu prices ranged from a $2- $8.

We ended up at Texas de Brazil first and ordered the sampling of steak, sausage, and bacon wrapped chicken. O.M.G…. one day I HAVE to go to this place. The meat was so tender and so flavorful. Amaaaaazing. Next stop, BJ’s for some pizza. Jared is the pizza lover, but my few bites were very satisfying. On our way to “The Londoner”, Jared spotted “Wild Bills Olde Fashioned Soda Wild Bill'sPop Co.” We quickly found out that it was $12 bucks for a drink, despite the cool keepsake mug and unlimited refills, Jared opted to just sample all the flavors- for free. ha. His favorites were rocky mountain root beer, vintage vanilla cream, and gatling gun grape. A great booth, but we can’t seem to figure out if and where this place is actually located. Strange.  We finally made it over to The Londoner for some fish and chips. I have been craving some fried catfish (yes I’m a country girl at heart) lately and decided it was time to get my fix. They were okay, but would have been nice to have a hush puppy with that basket. Ziziki’s Taverna offered us a lamb gyro and…ummm….WOW. I have a high standard for gyro’s after having one at Niko Niko’s in Houston (I dare anyone to find a better gyro than the one there). However, Ziziki’s gyro just entered the race. The pita was perfectly seasoned, the lamb tender, the tzatziki sauce consistency impressive. Yes, I will be visiting the actual restaurant very soon! Our last stop was Henry’s homemade ice cream. We sampled the black raspberry and, of course, cinnamon. Though very melty (it was 93 degrees out), the flavors were good.

We definitely enjoyed the experience and have some new restaurants bookmarked to hit up! If you’ve never done a “Taste of..” event, I definitely recommend it. Dallas has theirs coming up in July!

2 thoughts on “New Tastings

  1. This is beautiful! Excellent job! Now, I want a taste of all that food. Hmm…wonder why we weren’t invited! Lol! I will try the Dallas event. Thanks! You did a great job and I can’t wait to see what is up next!

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