Mr Mesero

IMG_0958Memorial Day Weekend and SO much to blog about… but I will go in chronological order to keep it straight. Let’s talk about the latest new restaurant I’ve had the opportunity to scope out! Jared (my husband) took me out to Mr Mesero for our date night. Mr Mesero is a mexican restaurant that also features some american food. In fact, the kid (ok… he was probably like 8th grade) next to me got a chili dog and fries. I’m not gonna lie, that chili dog looked pretty good, and I was a bit tempted to reach over and snag a bite. haha! Anyway, the restaurant opened its doors in uptown off McKinney Avenue in November 2011. The owner/ mastermind, Mico Rodriguez,  was a part of the Mcrowd Restaurant Group, which includes Mi Cocina and Taco Diner.  He left Mcrowd and came back to open Mr Mesero. So, lets talk about the experience.

IMG_0957We entered through what seemed like a back door, but were assured that was the way in. The place was small inside, but had plenty of outdoor seating. Unfortunately, it had just poured down rain right before we got there, so some of the outside seating was unavailable. We arrived about 6:30, which was just in time, because the dinner crowd started pouring in moments after we put our name in. The staff was very hospitable and we were seated fairly quickly. I would definitely advise getting there early on a weekend evening though, unless you call for a reservation. Now, lets talk food!

IMG_0953We started out with the Queso Mersero. It was a white queso (queso blanco) with spinach. The presentation was what impressed me. The waitress placed 2 chips on each of our plates and drizzled them with the queso to get us started. I felt like I was dining at a five star restaurant! Great service! The queso was good, but it thickened quickly and it became a bit difficult to dip. I ordered the enchiladas. I love sour cream sauce with my enchiladas and asked if that was available. The waitress brought me a sample of what she said was similar. It seemed to be queso blanco of some kind. I ordered one chickenIMG_0954 enchilada with that sauce and the other one with a salsa verde or green sauce. Both were good, but nothing to write home about. The red rice, however, was amazing! It was perfectly moist and flavorful. Jared got Callejeros tacos, which were chicken street tacos with avocado, phototomato, grilled onions, and lettuce. If I come back I will definitely try one of their salads. I saw some other people order and they looked delicious and piled high! This place was definitely worth the try and I wouldn’t mind going back. The service was fantastic. The atmosphere fun and date night worthy. I give it a 4 out of 5 star.

Stay tuned for my next post. I will share my latest recipe- Chicken Pesto Sandwich with Sweet Potato Fries! 🙂

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