Teriyaki Grilled Salmon with Corn-Peach Salsa: Perfect Summer recipe!

Doesn’t corn on the cob just scream summer!? I remember spending summers with my grandma, sitting on the deck, ¬†shucking corn from her huge corn field. Grandma always had a big garden full of every vegetable you could think of. This recipe reminds me of the garden with the bright, fresh vegetables. So heres to […]

Healthy Baked Chicken & Black Bean Tacos

I strive to eat really healthy during the week. I enjoy making dinner meals that are delicious and without guilt. I stumbled upon a blog via pinterest that peaked my interest. This girl has TONS of great healthy and lightened up recipes. Plus, she has an inspiring story of weight loss and living a healthy […]

Ellen’s Southern Kitchen: restaurant review

If you know anything about me, you know that I love breakfast food. I will eat oatmeal, eggs, bacon, toast, pancakes, etc., ¬†any time of the day. I am especially particular about my pancakes though. I’ve tried many a pancake so I know the good from the bad, the elite from the ordinary. Now this […]

No Pasta Lasagna

I’ve been seeing these healthy/ vegetable filled lasagna recipes floating around pinterest. I looked at a couple and created a little mixture of my own. I was a little leery of this “skinny” recipe, but Jared actually loved it…so much so that he went back and got a second slice (Jared rarely goes back for […]