Ellen’s Southern Kitchen: restaurant review

IMG_1126If you know anything about me, you know that I love breakfast food. I will eat oatmeal, eggs, bacon, toast, pancakes, etc.,  any time of the day. I am especially particular about my pancakes though. I’ve tried many a pancake so I know the good from the bad, the elite from the ordinary. Now this brings us to a little place downtown at the West End called Ellen’s Southern Kitchen. It was about 2:30pm Saturday when I got the craving for a good pancake. The problem here is that most breakfast places around here close at 3pm. We just weren’t ready to settle for IHOP. Plus, we have made it our hobby to try new places in DFW. Jared scrolled down his yelp bookmarks and lo an behold… there she was…. Ellen’s Southern Kitchen… BREAKFAST SERVED ALL DAY. Can we say WIN.

IMG_1121We walked in and were immediately attended to and seated. I ordered coffee (you should also know I love coffee, been drinking it since I was 5). The coffee was very good and my glass was never empty. Can we say EXCEPTIONAL service!? They also have truvia sweetener available, which gives this place another A in my book. The waiter immediately noticed I was using the truvia in my coffee and came to give me more! I ordered the “Big ol pancake breakfast” which came

IMG_0020_2with 2 sausage patties (or links), 2 bacon, hash browns, eggs (I ordered scrambled egg whites), and of course PANCAKES. My husband ordered a chicken salad sandwich with sweet potato fries. His chicken salad was so good that he put in a league with La Madeleine’s. Now that’s some serious chicken salad. We sampled each others plates and EVERYTHING was amazing!

But let’s get down to it… Lets talk pancake.

  1. The visual- light golden brown, with fluffy air pockets on the sides.
  2. The taste- true buttermilk if I’ve ever tasted one. This pancake was moist and light, with just the right hint of sugar. Melt- in- your- mouth buttermilk goodness.
  3. The peel- now this is the true test. It’s a unique test I do to all of my pancakes. A pancake just isn’t quite right unless it peels. It has to be fluffy and airy enough to take a fork and gently peel the top layer off the pancake. Ellen’s pancake PASSED the test. This pancake is in the running for one of the best pancakes I’ve ever had! YUM.
This place is a gem. Thank you Jared for finding it and taking me! I will be back again and again and again! New favorite for sure!

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