Cali Inspired

Late adopter. That’s me.

I enjoy looking cute and put together. I love shopping for new clothes, getting dressed up, making my makeup perfect, and styling my hair. However, I wouldn’t say that I am someone who is “in style.” I mean I like to look good and I certainly don’t like to feel like my clothes are old or “out of style.” I just like to feel confident in what I wear, and that usually also means wearing “safe” fashion. When it comes to “style”, I am always skeptical about the new fads. I feel like I can’t pull it off, or I can’t put the right articles together, or the new trends are just straight up ugly, lol! BUT…. it never fails that when the next season rolls around, I decide that the “ugly” style is actually kind of cute. And there you have it, I buy in. I am a late adopter. For example, back in the 7th grade, low-rise jeans came into style, along with capri pants. I vividly remember telling my best friend, Alyssa, I will NEVER wear low-rise jeans, and I certainly won’t wear capri pants. Well, guess who was wearing low-rise jeans and capri pants the next year. Yep, me. Another example? Sperry’s….yeah that was a trend for a good couple of years before I bought in. Well, this year I have had some new experiences and found some new influences (whether they know it or not) that have encouraged me to step out and try some new looks!

My brother, Trevor, moved to Azusa, California for college this past year, so we went there to drop him off last fall. I was amazed at what I saw. I’m just a girl from a small town in Texas and let me tell you- California was a whole new wardrobe experience!  A few months later, Jared and I went to several parts of Cali for our honeymoon. Again, I was intrigued by the clothing. A couple of months ago I stumbled across a fascinating blog created by some of the girls I went to college with. This fashion-forward challenged girl finds herself continually inspired by Coast to Coast Challenge. The girls from Coast to Coast always bring fresh ideas and challenge girls everywhere to find new clothing matches from their own closets!  Hop on over to their site for fashion inspiration galore! Another Cali inspiration of mine is my brother’s girlfriend, Jayme. She is from Sonoma, CA, which is the most beautiful, quaint, little town. Jayme is gorgeous and full of some serious style. I have found myself at the mall lately thinking, “Would Jayme wear that?” haha!

So this time around, I’ve decided to be confident. I am giving new trends a whirl. 🙂 Here is my Cali inspired outfit. I know the shorts aren’t high waisted, but the vest and aztec accents are serious progress for me! lol!



6 thoughts on “Cali Inspired

  1. I remember you and Lauren teasing Alyssa about all of her striped shirts! And you’ve always looked beautiful, whether in butterfly wings, high wasted jeans, or a wedding gown!

  2. I used to wear lower rise jeans, but I like a mid-rise now, and I am determined that the mid rise doesn’t make them mom jeans.

    Speaking of moms, I LIKE striped shirts. I still like them. So there, Mom. (I am assuming the above anonymous comment is Rhonda, right?)

  3. awwww thank you Alyssa’s mommy 🙂 Hahaha! I’m not gonna lie… I have a few striped shirts in my closet right now. Alyssa, I wear mid rise now too… and i’ll agree it doesn’t make them mom jeans at all!

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