Ombre: the “dip dyed” hair trend

Ok, so we all know that I am a late adopter. That was established in my post Cali Inspired. I may be a bit behind in this trend, but not too far I hope.


Ombre is a french word meaning “fade”. In hair, it is typically a darker color fading to a lighter color, thus the nick name “dip dyed”. I read that this style first appeared in the 1970’s, but was taken over in popularity by full highlights and hair color. It again resurfaced in 2004 when Sarah Jessica Parker took on the look, but was scrutinized, because her hair just looked like the roots were growing out. The look slowly gained popularity and ignited into a major trend a couple years ago with nearly every big hollywood star trying out the ombre. The trend continues as many stores are now offering do it yourself ombre kits. So, what is the allure of the ombre, besides just wanting to jump on the bandwagon? Touch ups are much less frequent! Your roots stay your natural color, so you don’t have to shell out money every 6-8 weeks. woohoo! (“2013 is the year the ‘Ombre Hair Trend’ will become the definitive look”).

I was first introduced to the idea of the “ombre” by my sister-in-law, Holly. She showed me some pictures on pinterest several months ago. I was skeptical of course. I let the idea go and kept moving with my life. Then, I saw Lindsey from Coast to Coast Central looking fabulous sporting the look. I again put the idea on the back burner for a few months. Well, its summer now and what is summer without a new hair style!? So I did some more research and found some super cute pictures of the ombre with a reddish-brown color at the end. The ombre seems to traditionally be dark hair at the roots fading to a blonde color. I just wasn’t quite ready to go blonde again (I wore that blonde highlight look for most of high school). So, hey… how about red/copper!? um… yes!


I found myself at Renata Hair Salon & Day Spa in Grapevine on Friday with my favorite hair stylist, Tiana. I showed her my picture and we were ready to have some fun! Here are my results. Thank you Jared (my husband) for the photo shoot! And Thank you Angela, Jayme, and Amanda for giving me encouragement on twitter when I first talked about the idea.

IMG_0027IMG_0035 IMG_0038IMG_0033 IMG_0032 IMG_0057IMG_0061 IMG_0062


2013 is the year the ‘Ombre Hair Trend’ will become the definitive look, as more and more women try Decolour Ombre kits at home. PR Web, Jan. 24, 2013. June 23, 2012.

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