Hard Eight BBQ: Restaurant Review



I’m a little behind in this post, but I felt it was time this little review got written, especially now that summer is in full swing. Those 100 degree days have started and everyone is grilling and eating BBQ… at least here in Texas.


Back in May when my brother, Trevor (pictured above),  was in town, we took him out for some real Texas BBQ at one of our favorite BBQ joints, Hard Eight (just wanted to make sure he got his fill before returning to California). Jared first found this place in Coppell a couple years ago and took me there on a summer date. Its such a neat place. You walk up to an outside grilling area, where you watch them cooking your meat on a HUGE grill. It smells SO good! Of course, if you have asthma I’d be careful, because the smoke from the grill gets pretty thick. You place your order right there and they hand you the fresh, smoked, grilled, delicious meat of your choice. The sides are all inside and you pick what you want. They have a BIG vat of beans that are free and all you can eat. My brothers only disappointment was that there wasn’t any okra to be had. Other than that, this place is great and I definitely recommend it as a fun, yummy, must visit for BBQ!

IMG_0983 IMG_0984

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