Black & Brown

So we all know the rule. You can’t wear black and brown together. Wait, what? You can’t?

Fashion rules are acceptably being ignored and re-invented these days. I grew up being appalled if a black garment even touched a brown accessory. This line began to blur a bit when I started pairing black tops with gold accessories in college. Gold is in the brown color scheme, right? Then,  a few years ago I began seeing the pairing of black tops with brown tall boots in the winter. I was intrigued. It actually looked fantastic. Of course I wasn’t quite brave enough to try that until this past winter season. I did good with the combo though. So, now that it’s summer, I have been thinking… what’s stopping me now?  It must be the new ombre hairstyle giving me fashion gumption. So here’s to giving new things a whirl…. black and brown, my friends.

IMG_0077_2 IMG_0079_2 IMG_0083_2 IMG_0088_2

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