Austin Getaway

It’s safe to say I’ve been on vacation from blogging for a couple weeks. ha! Jared and I did take a little weekend getaway trip over 4th of July weekend. Our 4-day trip destination? Austin! Not too far for a 4 day trip, but far enough for us to have some fun exploring new places.

Day 1

IMG_1357 IMG_0094_2 We arrived the afternoon of the 4th and of course had to have some BBQ for dinner. What better way to celebrate america! ha! Salt Lick BBQ is famous in Austin. The place is kind of in the middle of nowhere, but its beautifully surrounded by the trees and rolling hills that characterize Austin. We put in our names and waited about half an hour. They have a fun outdoor waiting area with fresh squeezed lemonade and popcorn available to snack on. IMG_1353 IMG_1355The BBQ was delicious, but the experience is what sold it for me. This is a must visit if you are in the area. IMG_1347 IMG_0092 IMG_0095_2 IMG_1350After dinner we ventured to downtown for the big fireworks show and let me tell you, it was PACKED, but definitely lots of fun!IMG_0098_2IMG_0986

Day 2

I told Jared I needed a chill day on our trip, so he surprised me with a day of shopping! We went to 2 different outdoor malls. My goal during this trip was to find a head wrap/ headband so I could pull of the Austin hipster look. Here is my loot from the day! IMG_1381

As you can see I got some headbands. I found a cool new store too. It’s a boutique called Altar’d State (Where the tank is from). I found out they have one in Frisco and Allen near me! yay! I also tried looking for hats…IMG_0107_2

That evening Jared took me out to Soleil, a restaurant next to the famous “Oasis” restaurant looking out over lake Travis. I got to put my head wrap to use!IMG_1405IMG_1411 IMG_1396 IMG_1422 IMG_1406 IMG_1415

Last, but not least Jared took me to a sweet little dessert restaurant, Chez Zee, to finish up our evening…IMG_1423

Day 3

First stop- Mount Bonnell, a beautiful little outlook!IMG_1439

Then, we headed into downtown Austin! Notice the head wrap…IMG_1441

First stop in downtown… Gourdough’s, as recommended by Julie Woods. Let me tell you, this place was aaaammmaaazzzing. They have HUGE donuts (the batter tastes like funnel cake (my favorite) and the toppings are crazy good! We visited the food truck, but there is also another location that has regular food. We are going to have to go back just to try that location! We got “Granny’s pie”, a donut topped with cream cheese icing, caramel, graham cracker, pecans, and bananas. The first bite, I was sold. YUM.IMG_0122_2 IMG_0123_2 IMG_1446We then walked around downtown. Checked out the HUGE Whole Foods in downtown. IMG_1450 IMG_0126_2 IMG_1453

Had some coffee (of course)….IMG_1447 IMG_0124_2

Checked out a cool record store that my brother, Trevor, and his girlfriend, Jayme, would have loved!IMG_1455 IMG_0130_2

We tasted some of Austin’s “best” ice cream (Amy’s Ice Cream)… and I’m not gonna lie… it was good!IMG_1456Then it was time to check out the Congress Avenue Bats. Apparently these bats house under the Congress Avenue bridge and emerge every night…and people just stand on the bridge and wait for it to happen! It is a major tourist attraction!

IMG_0137_2 IMG_1460You can see the tiny line of them flocking out (behind the trees) in the picture below…
IMG_1468Our last stop that evening was dinner at Kerbey Lane Cafe, the 24 hour eatery…famous for pancakes! But we couldn’t leave Austin without at least a drive by of the capital.IMG_0142_2IMG_1485 IMG_1490

We had a lot of fun. It was definitely a nice getaway for the weekend! 🙂

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