I love a pancake.

While on vacation I had the opportunity to persuade my husband, Jared, to take me to not only one, but TWO breakfast places.

I don’t know how to even begin to explain to you my love for breakfast food, breakfast restaurants, the smell of breakfast, the food items involved in breakfast. Breakfast is my favorite food ANY time of the day. I like the simple breakfast foods… oatmeal, greek yogurt, toast, eggo waffles, cereal (honey bunches of oats please), milk. But it gets really exciting when we start throwing around eggs, bacon, sausage, biscuits & gravy, hash browns, PANCAKES, and COFFEE. Now, I don’t eat all these at the same time….”my fitness pal” wouldn’t allow such goodness all in one sitting. However, if I have my pick it is going to be pancakes (please and thank you) and coffee. If I’m really excited (which apparently I was while on vacation), I’ll add in some scrambled eggs and bacon.

Our first breakfast food stop while in Haley, Idaho was a little 50’s diner called, Shorty’s. It was straight from Back to the Future. The experience was so fun.

IMG_1645IMG_1646Of course, Jared didn’t get breakfast, he got a burger, fries, and a vanilla-banana old fashioned shake (he let me taste and OMG… it tasted like my mom’s banana pudding from scratch). I got… well, do I even have to tell you….

IMG_1642The pancakes were classic buttermilk (my favorite). They were thin so they didn’t peel (see Ellen’s Southern Kitchen post for full details on my criteria for a winning pancake), but the taste was good. Definitely a recommended stop if you are in the area (get a shake!)

The next day was the day I had been waiting for… “The Kneadery.” Supposedly the best breakfast in Sun Valley/ Ketchum. Jared took me on a Saturday late morning. The place was busy, but we didn’t mind waiting outside in the beautiful weather.

IMG_1728IMG_0188 IMG_0191I had already decided what I was getting before we even sat down. Pancakes, of course. They had a “Two, Two & Two” on the menu. Two pancakes, Two eggs, and Two pieces of bacon. Win! And we can’t forget the coffee. Now, I’ll have to say that the coffee at Shorty’s diner was better, but I won’t judge too much since the breakfast offerings were wonderful.


I asked for extra crispy bacon and they actually made it super crispy!! The pancakes looked like they came straight off the griddle. They didn’t peel too easily, but they were fluffy. Overall, this was one good meal! I would definitely recommend this place if you are ever in Sun Valley.

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