It’s the Climb

Alright, one more post about our vacation… just one more.

My favorite day on vacation was hiking day! We didn’t really know it was going to be hiking day, but in the end we came in totaling 7.5 miles, and we climbed 175 flights of stairs according to my Fitbit monitor! Let me just tell you, my calves and butt were feeling it the next day.

IMG_1717The first hike was one we decided that we wanted to do when Jared’s mom mentioned it the first day we got there. It was a hike with “switchbacks” that supposedly took you to the top of Carbonate Mountain with a view of the whole little town. Switchbacks are just trails that go back and forth until you get to the top making it a little easier than going straight up. Jared and I got up early on a Saturday morning (thats dedication on vacation!) and headed out. We started up the mountain following the trail. However, we realized about 10 minutes into the hike that we weren’t following a switchback trail. No, we were going straight up with no end in sight. We turned around, looked down, but couldn’t see another trail option. So, we pushed forward. I’m not gonna lie… we had to stop several times because I felt like my heart was going to explode out of my chest. Up, up, up…. we kept going, hoping we would find another trail down, because that one wasn’t gonna be pretty to go back down.  Once we were higher up we could clearly see the other trails. Not sure how we ended up on this one, but we were glad we did. The sense of accomplishment once we reached the top was worth it! The view was beautiful, and yes we found the switchbacks to walk/ jog back down! Of course, not before I collapsed for a break….


IMG_1698 IMG_1718IMG_0185_2IMG_1038_2 IMG_1715

That evening, the Clementz clan decided to all go on a hike together. Mind you, this one was supposed to be an easy little stroll. Here I am at the bottom, notice the ski lifts to the left.



Here is the river at the bottom of the mountain… you will see it again…


We started hiking and soon realized this was going to be a steady uphill “stroll”. It was nothing like our steep morning hike, but it was still a challenge.


This hike was a total of 3 miles and it intertwined throughout the beautiful woods. Here we are, emerging from the woods, almost to the lookout point!


We were all beginning to wonder if we would ever make it to this “lookout point” and if the view would really be worth the climb. Well…. we were not disappointed. It was absolutely beautiful.


Now look closely below…. there is the river WAY down there!!



Here are Jared’s mom and dad with his brother, Drew, and Drew’s wife, Terri.


Such a fun day of hiking!


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