Shay Gomez: Inside The Head of a Crazy Bride-To-Be

In August of last year, I was busy tying up all loose ends and adding every last detail that would make my dream wedding come true. Before you read any further, some of you are thinking about flowers and ribbons and tiny details- no I want you to think bigger, think crazier, think – you are about to experience a Sharayah some of you have never experienced.

Mind you, I had a LOT of crazy ideas (some last minute, some well-thought out) that I thought should have been incorporated into my dream wedding. Of course, some made it into the big nights events, and some… well, we’ll just say that sane people talked me out of it- or there just wasn’t time for me to make it happen (which may have been a good thing). For example, I REALLY wanted to make about 200 cake balls from scratch 2 days before the wedding (because they had to be fresh, of course) to use as favors. Several people helped pull me away from that one. I also REALLY wanted to have a flash mob at the wedding. However,  I just didn’t have the time, the resources, and the people to make that happen… I mean I think I could have… but it really would have added to the stress (plus, again, for some reason, no one took me seriously when I mentioned the idea). I also tried for months to talk Jared into making our first dance a choreographed one, and to Justin Bieber’s “As Long As You Love Me.” I think he would have done it if I had really choreographed and planned the practices, AND if he thought I was actually serious ( AND I was!). Again, time was short so that one fell through the cracks. I didn’t completely lose out on that idea though. I choreographed a father daughter dance late at night in a hotel room 2 nights before the wedding with my friend, Heather, standing in as my dad (for choreography purposes of course), hahahaha. I taught my dad the dance the night before the wedding, but more on that story later.

So all that to say,  one of the last details I wanted to pull off was a crazy notion of a music video. Now, THIS idea had been bouncing around in my head for several months. This wasn’t going to be just any music video. It HAD to be one that included me singing (and dancing) a song that Jared really liked. I had been making fun of him for liking this song for a while. The dance girls at church all knew he liked it too… so of course they needed to be included on the conspiracy. So, in August, a week before we took Trevor to college at Azusa, I knew it was now or never. You see, my brother, Trevor , is an amazing videographer/ editor. He is studying media at Azusa and I am so proud of him. I knew if anyone could make my crazy dreams come true, it would be him. We hit the road to dallas for the shoot. I had outfit changes, crazy makeup, and a set of lies to tell Jared about where I was that day. Thank you Trevor for such a great video (even though I’m a terrible lip sinker- I found out) and for some awesome brother- sister memories! Also, thank you Charis, Angela, and Ally for helping me throw this together last minute!

This one made it to the big times- the reception! I had it played, much to Jared’s surprise (and probably shame), up on the big screen.

So without further ado, I present to you, Shay-gomez. 🙂

IMG_0913 IMG_0912IMG_0911 IMG_0918

3 thoughts on “Shay Gomez: Inside The Head of a Crazy Bride-To-Be

  1. You, my dear Sharayah, had wedding madness. It happens even to the best, I hear.

    I hope you have time to enjoy this fall without having a zillion little details to plan!

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