Hot Springs Adventure: 1 year Anniversary (Part 1)

I can’t believe it’s already been a year since our wedding!

We decided we wanted to do a long weekend getaway to celebrate our anniversary. We thought about several places, but decided on Hot Springs, Arkansas. It  was close enough, yet far enough away for a fun, but relaxing adventure together. As usual we took a TON of pictures, so it was really hard to choose which ones to showcase for you, ha! As it is, I am already going to break this trip into a couple of posts. This first one will be about the amazing place we called home for the weekend.

After searching online through what seemed like hundreds of bed and breakfast options, we finally found one that looked like a winner. Hilltop Manor Bed and Breakfast did not disappoint.  I think I am now a dedicated B & B fan (even though we were the youngest ones there lol… just means we have classy taste, right? haha!). It was so much more fun than a hotel! The owners were super sweet, and I felt like I was at home from the moment we got there. I definitely recommend this place if you are looking for a cozy gettaway in Hot Springs!

Yes, perfectly relaxing 🙂


Here are the B & B accomadations…

IMG_0309IMG_0379 IMG_0380IMG_0378IMG_0362IMG_0310IMG_0312IMG_0316IMG_0317

Jared arranged for them to have flowers just for me, along with reservations for a massage, and dinner at a special restaurant on our anniversary night! 🙂

IMG_0115 IMG_0132

This is the view from the porch where we ate breakfast a couple of mornings. It was beautiful!


Breakfast awaits!

IMG_0360 IMG_0348

Can’t have breakfast without coffee!


The first day we were so excited to wake up for breakfast. We weren’t disappointed.  First, we were served a warm apple crisp bake, except with bananas instead of apples and a blueberry muffin. Then, our next surprise plate was filled with waffles and an egg dish with spinach and parmesan- all very very good!

IMG_0351 IMG_0354

The second day, which was our actual anniversary, we had breakfast in our room. It was rainy- so it was perfect and cozy. We were served a cheesecake/ cream cheese tasting/ parfait thing (haha) and a slice of delicious pumpkin bread. Next out was a french toast bake with cream cheese cinnamon and raisins- SO good, and an egg bake- also very good!

IMG_0130 IMG_0429 IMG_0425 IMG_0432

The last morning we ate out on the porch again. First course was a pineapple pastry of some sort that I just couldn’t stop eating, and zucchini bread. Second course was PANCAKES!!! FINALLY! Jared told the chef/ owner that I had been waiting all weekend for this moment and she quickly asked me if I’d like more, haha! They were SUPER good- soft, fluffy, classic buttermilk taste, and peelable. ALL the qualitities I need to rate a pancake 5 star! I wish I had room to accept the chefs offer of a second helping! We also got another egg bake, but as you can see I was so excited to get to my pancakes that I had already eaten it before I remembered to snap a picture! haha!

IMG_0457 IMG_0458

It was a wonderful place to stay and eat with such a relaxing atmosphere, and wonderfully accommodating hosts.


More on our trip to come! Stay tuned! 🙂

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