Hot Springs Adventure: 1 year anniversary (Part 2)


Here is the second post I promised! We decided to go hiking our first full day in Hot Springs. The Hot Springs National Park was closed due to the government shut down, so we drove about a half hour to go hiking at Lake Ouachita. We did a 4 mile hike around the lake! SO much fun! I love hiking, even though I look a little tired in this first picture lol!

IMG_1103 IMG_1106 IMG_1111 IMG_0373

Later in the day we visited Garvan Woodland Gardens. They are famous for this beautiful glass chapel. It was breathtaking! Supposedly it’s a 2 year wait list to get married here, but I can see why!

IMG_0168 IMG_0402

They also had this really cool bell tower that chimes out in the middle of the woods. Reminded me of something at ORU, but not so gold, haha!

IMG_0171 IMG_0173

They had beautiful little walkways and really cool bridges ( I love uniquely designed bridges).

IMG_1169 IMG_1177 IMG_1200 IMG_1209 IMG_0160

That night we ate at Rolando’s for dinner. They had a unique outdoor patio that backed up against a mountain. There were a couple of guys playing guitar and singing some covers. Fun place! They are famous for their “queso flamado”- yes thats fire.

IMG_0411 IMG_0413 IMG_0417

After dinner we hit up “Java Primo”, which quickly became my go-to coffee in Hot Springs! They are so good that I am surprised Starbucks is still in business there!


Our last full day there (our actual anniversary), we did some walking around downtown. Here is Jared by a hot spring- and it was really hot! We walked by the bath houses, but the idea of getting in that water kind of wierded me out.

IMG_0453 IMG_0451 IMG_0450IMG_0278_2

We did got get a massage at Sabai though!


At some point during our walk in downtown… it started pouring… and of course we were caught in it!


Jared took me to this awesome italian restaurant, Via Roma, for our anniversary dinner. If you are ever in Hot Springs, you HAVE to eat here. The ambiance is perfect, the bread and dipping sauce- the best I’ve ever had, and the service 5- star! Sadly, for some reason we both lost our minds and didn’t take a single picture of our anniversary date! But this place was amazing! I would come back to Hot Springs for Via Roma, Java Primo’s, aaaand Nom Nom’s (and of course Hilltop Manor B &B- but we covered that last time haha!). Yes, Nom Nom’s- a hole in the wall with fast food mexican (which we didn’t try) and…. HOMEMADE ICE CREAM. The building looks like an old Taco Bell, but let me tell you- it is a MUST. The flavors are endless, and the taste… some of THE best ice cream I’ve ever had. I had carrot cake ice cream (yes it had pieces of carrot cake in it) and German chocolate ice cream (which had coconut mixed in).


Of course, our last stop heading out of town and back to our regular lives had to be… IMG_0468

Thanks for joining me as I recapped our little trip! Until the next adventure… 🙂

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