About Me

MeHi! My name is Sharayah (pronounced Shu-ray-uh, just listen to the Amy Grant song “Sharayah” for further pronunciation assistance- or if you just want to hear some classic 80’s vibes- haha). My middle name is Aubrey (also a song- by Bread). I recently got married to my best friend, Jared, on October 12, 2012, and we are currently living in Las Colinas, Texas. We met at Oral Roberts University, but didn’t start dating until after graduation. I am the oldest of  two. My brother, Trevor, is going to school at Azusa Pacific in California (I’m not jealous at all. Even though I will always be a loyal, native Texan- you can’t deny that Cali has some serious perks). I will probably mention my parents (Robert and Mary)  from time to time on the blog as well- since they tend to get roped into some of my projects. 🙂 When I’m not working as an RN, I enjoy trying new restaurants with my husband, hanging out with family, and being involved at our church. I never turn down coffee. I love a sonic drink. Breakfast is my favorite (we are talking pancake connoisseur). Tex Mex never gets old. You can never use too much cinnamon. Highlighters and planners make me feel better about life. Chalene Johnson and her Turbo Fire DVD’s are my go-to workout. Switchfoot has a song for every mood I’m in. Give me some tunes, scenery, and a journal-  I’ll occupy myself for hours. My newfound enjoyments include cooking, gardening, DIY projects, decorating, and anything creative.

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