Paleo Pumpkin Apple Muffins

It is time for my blog followers to hear about my latest adventure…Tone It Up!

My friend Jamie introduced me to Tone it Up. I checked out their website at and was immediately intrigued. It is an awesome community of women all working towards living a healthy lifestyle. Karena and Katrina are the creators of Tone It Up and our “trainers.” They post daily workouts on their site, and they have a nutrition plan available for purchase. The nutrition plan is 100% worth it. There are tons of recipes, and they teach you what to eat and when to eat it- which is key! I am eating healthier than ever, and for the first time when eating right, I am NOT hungry! We are encouraged to “check in” with our workouts/ meals daily on instagram, twitter, and/ or the online community. It is such great accountability and motivation. The best part is that this community is full of the most uplifting, encouraging, and supporting women! Girls I don’t even know cheer me on! I love this environment of positive people! If you are looking to live a healthy lifestyle, but need a little support- you have to check out Tone It Up!

All that to say…. while eating healthy I do have some cravings for baked goods! Luckily, Tone It Up has plenty of recipes for healthy baked things. Plus, people are always sharing recipes they’ve tried. Over the weekend one of the TIU-ers shared this recipe and I decided to try it out with my own little twist. TIU is not a paleo diet, just good clean eating. This recipe is “paleo”, but if you aren’t ready to branch out that far- I am sure you could use whole wheat flour instead of almond flour. You could also try half whole wheat, half protein powder (Tone it Up has their own brand of protein powder called Perfect Fit that they often use as a substitute for flour). Using almond flour makes this recipe gluten free and low carb. However, there is a slight difference in texture.  The other downside is that almond flour is a bit expensive. This was my first experience working with it. Okay, my second. I tried another recipe the day before that was a complete failure! This recipe turned out yummy though! Glad I tried it! Thanks @leslyannetiu for sharing!

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Hot Springs Adventure: 1 year anniversary (Part 2)


Here is the second post I promised! We decided to go hiking our first full day in Hot Springs. The Hot Springs National Park was closed due to the government shut down, so we drove about a half hour to go hiking at Lake Ouachita. We did a 4 mile hike around the lake! SO much fun! I love hiking, even though I look a little tired in this first picture lol! Continue reading

Hot Springs Adventure: 1 year Anniversary (Part 1)

I can’t believe it’s already been a year since our wedding!

We decided we wanted to do a long weekend getaway to celebrate our anniversary. We thought about several places, but decided on Hot Springs, Arkansas. It  was close enough, yet far enough away for a fun, but relaxing adventure together. As usual we took a TON of pictures, so it was really hard to choose which ones to showcase for you, ha! As it is, I am already going to break this trip into a couple of posts. This first one will be about the amazing place we called home for the weekend.

After searching online through what seemed like hundreds of bed and breakfast options, we finally found one that looked like a winner. Hilltop Manor Bed and Breakfast did not disappoint.  I think I am now a dedicated B & B fan (even though we were the youngest ones there lol… just means we have classy taste, right? haha!). It was so much more fun than a hotel! The owners were super sweet, and I felt like I was at home from the moment we got there. I definitely recommend this place if you are looking for a cozy gettaway in Hot Springs!

Yes, perfectly relaxing 🙂

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Yesterday, Today, & Forever


I am sitting here by the fire at this amazing little bed and breakfast that reminds me of Dragonfly Inn from Gilmore Girls. I told Jared that when we are old we should open a “B&B”. It would work perfectly. Jared is very friendly and hospitable. I can make breakfast and bake yummy things for the guests! Oh, and of course decorate the place!! ha!

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Pumpkin Swirl Coffee Cake: Bring on Fall!


It is officially the first week of Fall and the weather in Dallas is ABSOLUTELY beautiful! Fall is my absolute favorite season, which is why I chose to get married this time last year! I love the cooler weather (that lasts about 2 weeks in Dallas), the warmth of coffee, the comfort of pumpkin and apple smelling candles, the feeling of the holidays in the air, and of course my birthday! I’m getting excited just typing this! I can’t wait to hit up Bath & Body works for the newest Fall scents! Continue reading

Shay Gomez: Inside The Head of a Crazy Bride-To-Be

In August of last year, I was busy tying up all loose ends and adding every last detail that would make my dream wedding come true. Before you read any further, some of you are thinking about flowers and ribbons and tiny details- no I want you to think bigger, think crazier, think – you are about to experience a Sharayah some of you have never experienced. Continue reading

Banana Pudding (from scratch) and other things…

I know, I know… it has been a while. Don’t worry though, I am back with a special treat!

A lot has been going on the last few weeks between my brother being in town (I miss you already Trevor!), my mom’s birthday, Jared’s mom being in town, Jared’s brother’s birthday, and us trying to plan our 1 year anniversary trip! Can you believe it’s already been a year (More on that later)!?

Another exciting thing that happened a few weeks ago…  I had the honor of being featured for a  “fashion challenge” by Coast to Coast Central. Every Tuesday and Thursday they do a new fashion challenge! It is so much fun, and I would definitely do more of them if I didn’t wear scrubs every day. ha! If you are a fashionista at all, you HAVE to check out this site! These girls are awesome and so inspirational, informative, and just plain fun! I am totally addicted to their site. Here is my debut (I say that laughing, it was totally an honor to be featured)! 🙂 IMG_1864 Continue reading

Sprinkles Ice Cream: Welcome to the Big D!

I Scream. You Scream.  We all Scream for Sprinkles Ice Cream!

Today was the day. The day I put in my “i-cal” about a month ago.  August 16, 2013. Today is the day that the “Big D” (Dallas) welcomes the beloved Sprinkles Cupcake’s addition, Sprinkles Ice Cream!

I was first introduced to Sprinkles by my boyfriend, now husband, Jared. I would have to agree with him that these are the best cupcakes I have ever had! Sprinkles started in California, and Dallas was the third cupcake location they opened. There are now many Sprinkles Cupcake locations all over the US. However, Sprinkle’s Ice Cream location in Dallas is now the third ice cream location! Jared loves these cupcakes so much that we almost had Sprinkles cupcakes for his grooms cake on our wedding day. Since we didn’t get to do that, I sent him and his groomsmen some on our special day.

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It’s the Climb

Alright, one more post about our vacation… just one more.

My favorite day on vacation was hiking day! We didn’t really know it was going to be hiking day, but in the end we came in totaling 7.5 miles, and we climbed 175 flights of stairs according to my Fitbit monitor! Let me just tell you, my calves and butt were feeling it the next day.

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